Promo Codes For Some Dog Products

I found some promo codes that can give you a discount on some dog products you may use or want to try.  All offers are until end date as supplies last.  Often the promotion ends before the end date as they run out.   I’m going to try to keep this page up to date with new promos as I find them.  So check back often, I update it several times a week.








Bark Box beds have Gel Memory Foam for extra comfort for your pooches.  The cover is removable for easy washing, and they come in several sizes.  Get a 25% discount with the promo code through 5/9.  For more information or to buy, click here.




Premium limited ingredients freeze dried raw mixer for your dog’s food to add quality protein and delicious taste.  Or use for yummy treats.  Get 50% off the regular price with promo code through 5/1!  To see all the choices, get more information or buy, click here.





Keep your dog busy, prevent boredom!  Interactive puzzle toys help your dog deal with down time, keep his mind active and help improve his problem solving skills.

Dog puzzle toy



I especially like snuffle mats.  The dog nuzzles through the “petals” to find treats or kibble.  It slows his gobbling down, mimics natural foraging behavior and keeps your pet entertained.  You can feed your dog his whole meal this way (as long as your dog isn’t one who actually eats fabric!).  Studies have shown that dogs, and most mammals prefer to work for their food.

Snuffle mat











Separation anxiety?  Giving your dog something to actively work on for a bit as you go out the door can help your dog who struggles with separation anxiety.  Rather than seeing you leave and being totally focused on that, a snuffle mat with treats of kibble can help your dog decrease the negative feelings he has as you leave.  If you are going to use a snuffle mat for this, be sure your dog has used it several times with supervision so you are confident he isn’t going to eat the mat!


They are also offering a travel/walking water bottle for your dog, with a replaceable filter.Dog Water Bottle

All of these products are 15% off with promo code through 4/30.

For more information on any of them, or to buy click here.



If you have used any of these products, please leave a comment letting us know how you liked it.  We can help each other by giving feedback of our experiences with them–why we like them, or any features that perhaps  need improvement.

Other reviews that I write are for products I am very familiar with and have done research on.  This Special Deals post, however, is of product deals that are offered for a short time.  I want to pass the deals on to you, even though I am not as familiar with the products.  I only post items that are from companies with a good reputation that I have reason to believe are reliable.  If you use any of them, let us know how you liked it.  Thanks!

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